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Remote Alarms

30/08/2012, 15:03 PM

you to execute the incident immediately.
  Long Hoang Security Services Corporation’s Service of Remote Follow and Alarm is trusted and used by Our Respectful Clients all over the city. With this service you can be sure wholly when being out of home or when you urgently need to be supported on health care. Alarm Device attached to your home phone will automatically issue signal of alarmNoone can be calm when suddenly happening break-ins or fire at your home…. However when receiving Long Hoang Corporation’s support, Our Respectful Clients wouldn’t be afraid anymore  because you can know surely that there will be Police Force 113 and the Squad Of Quick Reaction from Long Hoang Security Corporation who will support  to the center of alarm via a 2D wireless information network or via the telephone wire. Alarm center is in charge 24/24 daily and ready to receive the alarm signals. When receiving signal of alarm, the Alarm Sensor Team will co-operate with the police force 113, local police or  police ò fire prevention & protection (in case ò fire of explosion alarm) will come to the place to reinforce in order to prevent  all actions of thieves or rubbers, or prevent fire or explosion or to make first-aid for the victims.


Your Respectful Client’s Trust and Support given to 
Long Hoang Security Services Corporation will be
our Great Confidence



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